Work From Office

Very often I get this question – got so many things to do in office meh?

These are some of the things you could do and perhaps now you know why I’m in office everyday.

Listing Management

  • Follow up with buyers/cobroke from last week
  • Update sellers of recent viewing activities
  • Initiate review session with sellers
  • Update Guru ad (description, repost schedule etc)
  • Check comparable listings (addition/removal, price revision, call up to check last offer/closing price)
  • Create/Update sales kit (Insights/mini decks/resale kits)
  • Update sales pipeline

Prospecting Pre-Work

  • Create call list (from FSBO/FRBO/Caveat/Homebiz)
  • Update calling script
  • Identify door knock location (based on transaction volume/price)
  • Update door knock script

Digital Presence

  • Buy your own domain name and link it to PropNex DotCom website
  • Post on social media (Facebook/IG/LinkedIn/TikTok)
  • Plan for video (content and script)

Research Work

  • Price trend of HDB Vs Condo Vs Landed over the years (starting from own neighbourhood and expand to other part of the island)
  • Price movement of different property class over time (10Y/20Y/30Y etc) and understand the property life cycle such as when price starts to stagnate
  • Identify best sellers for your target market including most expensive/cheapest, highest/lowest psf etc
  • Recent and past land bids including enbloc sites

Practice Work

  • Practice timeline (HDB/PTE Resale/New Sale/EC)
  • Practice timeline for sell first then buy
  • Practice timeline for buy first then sell
  • Practice financial calculations (Instalment/Progressive Payment/Pledge/Unpledge/TDSR/MSR/Decoupling etc)

Project Work

  • Research on projects locations for current and upcoming projects
  • Identify those going TOP soon
  • Identify those with sufficient balance units for selection
  • Identify those below or at fair value in your opinion
  • Identify overpriced ones to contrast with the above
  • Find underperforming ones that might have to discount due to QC/ABSD


  • Update WhatsApp Broadcast list
  • Update WhatsApp label
  • Update Customer database
  • Check recent transactions of the property you have sold/viewed so you can update you clients who bought or didn’t buy
  • Plan gifts for upcoming occasions e.g. festive, birthday etc
  • Setup meetings for weekends and the following week