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Who Is Jeron?

Hi, I am Jeron Lee, Group District Director with PropNex Realty, the largest estate agency in Singapore with more than 11,000 associates.

Jeron Lee Division is a team of 100+ professionally trained leaders and associates amongst the Champion Team in PropNex, Marcus Luah Advisory.

How I Started?

The year was 2010 and my 10th year in the IT industry since I graduated from Uni. While I would not consider myself a high flyer but my life was definitely comfortable.

I was on a 6-figure annual pay package that was more than enough for my HDB and BMW.

(Photo taken during a business trip to Monte Carlo with my wife - we are the pair on the left)

My wife was expecting our second kid and I just took on a regional role. Things took a dramatic turn when my immediate boss was asked to leave on a short notice. His successor also did not lasted long and I suddenly found myself reporting to a third boss within the same year.

It was like a eureka moment that I stopped believing in job security after witnessing 2 Managing Directors, both more than 10 years with the company, being replaced just like that.

Till today, I am thankful to experience what it meant by “No one is indispensable” early in my corporate career.

(Photo taken during a staycation when I decided to quit my job and go full-time)

So how did I end up in real estate? I figured if I’m going to be paid based on a percentage of my sales result, the higher the sales value, the better I will be paid and what else has a higher value per sale than real estate?

So if I am going to forgo the so-called stable income, I might as well aim for the biggest slice, right?

Don’t judge me but I was that shallow-minded in case you were expecting some noble reason like it was a calling or something.

Long story short, I decided to join the real estate industry because of the freedom and reward it offers and managed to pass the exam in my first attempt.

I was extremely blessed to find success very quickly and I doubled my previous income within my first year in the business.

Our Team

The demographics of our team is fairly diverse from 20s all the way to 60s with the majority in their 30s.

Most of them came from the corporate world and I am glad to consistently help many to achieve their financial goals.

Our Office

In addition to the PropNex corporate office at HDB Hub, we also have a separate office space at Mohamed Sultan Road (off River Valley Road) to cater to our associates who prefer a more casual working environment.

Check out our office tour video and look out for the sequel as we just expanded, again.

Why Join Us?

Because at Marcus Luah Advisory x Jeron Lee Division, we have everything you need from trainings, systems and a supportive working environment to keep you going.

I hate to break it to you but there is really no BEST team in the industry (in case you are searching for one) as the yardstick is different for everyone but there could a team or mentor most suited for you.

Give me an hour and I will share with you how I can help you to achieve more and I promise if there’s a mismatch in our values or expectations, I will not hesitate to tell the truth. Sounds fair to you?

Taking RES Exam?

We regularly conduct revision classes for those who are taking their RES exam and we also have a dedicated WhatsApp groupchat for Q&A support. Click below for more information on our support to RES exam candidates and how to prepare for the upcoming exam.

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