Virtual Tours

To facilitate the shortlisting of your next home/investment property in the comfort of your own home (especially during this period), we have painstakingly consolidated as many showflat tours for your review. We are progressively adding more tours to this page so if there’s any particular project or unit types you are looking for and not available on this page, tap on the WhatsApp button and leave me a comment.

To filter by unit type e.g. 3 bedrooms only, simply type “3-” into the search box below and only the 3-bedrooms will be listed. You could also sort by district, size and price etc by tapping on the respective header.

Virtual Showflats

DistrictProjectUnit TypeSqft
1Marina One Residences1-Bed (#17-21)667
1Marina One Residences1+Study (#27-29)764
1Marina One Residences3-Bed (#17-28) | More1,582
1Marina One Residences4-Bed2,034
2V On Shenton3-Bed (#40-16)1,765
2V On Shenton3-Bed (#44-16)1,765
2V On Shenton3-Bed1,518
2Sky Everton3-Bed915
2Wallich Residence3-Bed1,098
2Wallich Residence2-Bed915
2Wallich Residence3-Bed1,765
2Wallich Residence3-Bed1,625
2Wallich Residence2-Bed + Study1,259
2Wallich Residence4-Bed Penthouse3,509
3Artra2-Bed + Study786
3Avenue South Residences1-Bed527
3Avenue South Residences3-Bed Premium1,109
3Avenue South Residences4-Bed Premium1,496
3Margaret Ville4-Bed1,184
3One Pearl Bank1-Bed527
3One Pearl Bank2-Bed700
3One Pearl Bank3-Bed1,098
3Stirling ResidencesSite PlanN.A.
3Stirling Residences1-Bed441
3Stirling Residences1-Bed + Study506
3Stirling Residences2-Bed657
3Stirling Residences2-Bed Premium678
3Stirling Residences3-Bed Premium1,055
3Stirling Residences4-Bed1,346
3The Landmark1-Bed517
4Marina Collection4-Bed Penthouse3,412
4Reflections At Keppel Bay3-Bed1,690
4Reflections At Keppel Bay4-Bed2,626
4Reflections At Keppel Bay4-Bed Part 1 | Part 23,078
4Reflections At Keppel Bay4-Bed Penthouse 1 | Part 23,800
5Kent Ridge Hill Residences1-Bed + Study517
5Kent Ridge Hill Residences2-Bed + Study775
5Kent Ridge Hill Residences3-Bed Premium1,076
5Parc Clematis2-Bed689
5Parc Clematis3-Bed883
5Parc Clematis3-Bed Premium1,076
5Parc Clematis4-Bed Premium1,292
5Parc Clematis5-Bed Penthouse1,981
5Whistler Grand2-Bed Premium + Study764
5Whistler Grand3-Bed Premium + Flexi1,066
5Whistler Grand4-Bed1,281
7Midtown Bay1-Bed452
7Midtown Bay2-Bed732
7South Beach Residences2-Bed990
7South Beach Residences2-Bed1,216
7South Beach Residences2-Bed1,173
7South Beach Residences3-Bed1,862
7South Beach Residences3-Bed1,959
7South Beach Residences4-Bed Penthouse4,446
7The M1-Bed + Study527
7The M2-Bed + Study732
819531-Bed + Study506
8Uptown @ Farrer2-Bed538
8Uptown @ Farrer3-Bed Loft1,184
98 St Thomas2-Bed872
98 St Thomas2-Bed1,044
98 St Thomas3-Bed1,302
98 St Thomas4-Bed Dual Key1,690
98 St Thomas4-Bed1,744
9Haus On Handy1-Bed + Study517
9Haus On Handy2-Bed624
9Kopar At Newton2-Bed Deluxe689
9Kopar At Newton3-Bed Deluxe1,055
9Kopar At Newton5-Bed Luxury1,819
9Martin Modern2-Bed764
9Martin Modern2-Bed + Study850
9Martin Modern3-Bed Premium1,421
9Martin Modern4-Bed Premium1,733
9RV Altitude2-Bed Premium603
9The Avenir2-Bed829
9The Avenir3-Bed w/Pte Lift1,572
9The Avenir4-Bed w/Pte Lift2,411
9The Iveria3-Bed + Study904
9The Ritz-Carlton Residences3-Bed2,831
9The Ritz-Carlton Residences4-Bed2,831
9Up @ Robertson Quay2-Bed1,119
1015 Holland Hill4-Bed Part 1 | Part 22,497
10120 Grange2-Bed Dual Key678
103 Orchard By The Park2-Bed1,066
103 Orchard By The Park3-Bed Part 1 | Part 21,862
103 Orchard By The Park4-Bed Part 1 | Part 22,260
10Boulevard 884-Bed2,777
10Jervois Prive3-Bed + Study Part 1 | Part 21,389
10Leedon Green1-Bed + Study538
10Leedon Green2-Bed + Study818
10Leedon Green3-Bed Exclusive1,356
10Leedon Green4-Bed Exclusive1,496
10Nouvel 182-Bed + Study Part 1 | Part 2 1,335
10Nouvel 183-Bed + Study Part 1 | Part 2 1,765
10Nouvel 184-Bed + Study Part 1 | Part 2 2,476
10Nouvel 184-Bed + Study Part 1 | Part 2 2,820
10Nouvel 184-Bed Sky Suite Part 1 | Part 2 4,306
1135 Gilstead3-Bed + Study1,012
11Fyve Derbyshire2-Bed592
11Fyve Derbyshire3-Bed + Study936
11Neu At Novena4-Bed1,302
11Pullman Residences Newton2-Bed667
11Pullman Residences Newton4-Bed1,378
11The Whitley Residences5-Bed Semi-D5,834
12Jui Residences4-Bed893
12VerticusShowflat VideoN.A.
13Park Colonial2-Bed678
13The Tre Ver1-Bed495
13The Tre Ver2-Bed Premium743
13The Tre Ver3-Bed Premium1,109
14Parc Esta1-Bed + Study527
14Parc Esta2-Bed + Study840
14Parc Esta3-Bed Flexi958
14Parc Esta4-Bed Premium1,227
14The Antares2-Bed689
14The Antares3-Bed1,152
14Urban Treasures2-Bed635
14Urban Treasures3-Bed Premium1,012
15Amber Park2-Bed + Study678
15Amber Park3-Bed1,109
15Amber Park5-Bed Premium2,142
15Coastline Residences2-Bed721
15Coastline Residences3-Bed1,109
15Meyer Mansion3-Bed1,109
15Meyer Mansion4-Bed Premium1,765
15One Meyer3-Bed1,033
15Seaside Residences1-Bed + Study560
15Seaside Residences3-Bed1,087
16Grandeur Park Residences5-Bed Premium1,453
17Parc Komo3-Bed969
17Parc Komo5-Bed Luxury1,808
18Casa Al Mare2-Bed + Study775
18The Jovell1-Bed + Study527
18The Jovell2-Bed + Study678
18The Jovell3-Bed904
18The Tapestry1-Bed + Study603
18The Tapestry3-Bed Premium + Flexi1,130
18Treasure at Tampines2-Bed + Study678
18Treasure at Tampines3-Bed Premium1,033
18Treasure at Tampines4-Bed Premium1,335
18Treasure at Tampines5-Bed1,722
19Affinity at Serangoon1-Bed + Study560
19Affinity at Serangoon2-Bed + Study732
19Affinity at Serangoon3-Bed Deluxe1,152
19Affinity at Serangoon4-Bed + Study1,410
19Forest Woods3-Bed Premium1,023
19OLA EC3-Bed926
19OLA EC3-Bed Premium1,055
19OLA EC4-Bed1,389
19Piermont Grand EC4-Bed Premium1,335
19Riverfront Residences1-Bed + Study517
19Riverfront Residences2-Bed732
19Riverfront Residences3-Bed915
19Riverfront Residences3-Bed Premium1,109
19Riverfront Residences4-Bed Premium1,485
19Sengkang Grand Residences1-Bed + Study474
19Sengkang Grand Residences2-Bed Premium + Study764
19Sengkang Grand Residences3-Bed Premium + Flexi1,012
19The Florence Residences1-Bed + Study527
19The Florence Residences2-Bed Deluxe667
19The Florence Residences3-Bed Classic936
19The Florence Residences5-Bed1,679
19The Garden Residences1-Bed + Study517
19The Garden Residences2-Bed + Study689
19The Garden Residences3-Bed + Study904
19The Garden Residences5-Bed1,539
19The Gazania1-Bed441
19The Gazania2-Bed + Study678
19The Gazania3-Bed904
19The Gazania4-Bed1,281
19The Gazania4-Bed1,744
19The Gazania4-Bed Penthouse1,970
19The Lilium2-Bed + Study710
19The Lilium2-Bed699
19The Lilium3-Bed Premium1,227
19The Lilium4-Bed1,356
19The Lilium4-Bed + Study Penthouse1,915
20JadeScape2-Bed Deluxe764
20JadeScape3-Bed Deluxe1,012
20JadeScape4-Bed Deluxe1,421
20JadeScape5-Bed Suite2,099
21Daintree Residence2-Bed743
21Daintree Residence3-Bed1,044
21Mayfair Gardens1-Bed + Study570
21Mayfair Modern2-Bed + Study807
21Mayfair Modern4-Bed1,292
21View At Kismis5-Bed1,281
23Dairy Farm Residences2-Bed710
23Dairy Farm Residences3-Bed936
23Dairy Farm Residences4-Bed1,335
23Le Quest3-Bed Deluxe1,023
23Le Quest4-Bed Deluxe1,313
23Mont Bontanik Residence2-Bed + Study776
23Mont Bontanik Residence3-Bed + Study948
27Parc Canberra EC3-Bed947
28Belgravia Green5-Bed Semi-D4,004