Onboarding Guide

Welcome Onboard!

Warmest welcome to our family at Jeron Lee Division!

It’s going to be an exciting journey ahead and a year from now, your life could be very different (in a good way of cos) as you embark your real estate career with us.

Application to PropNex/CEA


Upon submitting the online application form, you should receive an email from PropNex within the next 2 working days, requesting you to login to CEA website using your SingPass to complete your application online.

Once you have done that, you could proceed to call PictureMe Studio at 63369453 to make an appointment to have your corporate photo taken.

They are located at Suntec City Tower 4 #03-356 (near SingPost) and their operating hours are from 11am to 9pm daily.

PropNex Jacket and Tie or Bowtie will be made available at the studio so all you need is to show up with your best smile in a white collared shirt and black bottom when you go to the studio.

No payment is needed unless you want the soft copy for your own use. They will provide you with a high-res head shot and half-body image for an additional $35.

A common question I get is should you pay for the soft copy?

I would say it really depends if you are satisfied with the photo which you will be able to see it on the spot. If you think it’s nicely taken and see yourself using it for other marketing/branding purpose, just go for it.

However, if you think your smile is awkward or somehow the photographer didn’t capture even half of your beauty or handsomeness, save your money and spend it elsewhere.

One of the popular photography studios used by many PropNexians is The MakeOver Inc. They have different packages starting from $108 (Men) and $128 (Ladies).

A nice corporate photo is half the battle won and it’s not about how stunning you look or how flawless your skin is. The essence is that you should send out a confident yet friendly and approachable vibe. When the same property is being listed on the property portal or a stack of flyers that shows up in the letterbox, it could be the key deciding factor whether your phone rings or not.

3 Things You Can Do While Waiting for CEA Approval

(1) Set an Income Goal

Whether you are holding onto a job at the moment or not, whether you are motivated by money or not, we need to establish a baseline.

A baseline which anything lower than x dollars, you shouldn’t even renew your license.

It doesn’t have to be Crazy Rich Asians level but it should be a figure that gives you the confidence to take the plunge and quit your day job if you are still in one and still remain firm when your boss offers to increase your salary, promote you or both.

But let’s be realistic too so let’s say you have a full-time job that takes 40 hours or more of your time every week and you’re paid $5,000 a month.

You are only able to commit 8 to 10 hours every week to real estate related activities after compromising some weekday evenings and weekend personal/family time.

Yet the income goal you have determine is that you will only quit your day job if you can consistently earn $10,000 a month from real estate.

It’s not that real estate agents cannot earn $10,000 a month as many of us are paid well above that.

But to put in 20% effort and expect 100% returns, anyone that promise you this can be done – either you need to be very careful of this person or please introduce him or her to me as I also want to 2x my income with 1/5 effort.

If you are going to do real estate full-time, please aim for at least 6-figure annual income because you still need to incur business expenses, pay your taxes, contribute to your own medisave account etc.

The sky’s the limit and every year, we see a handful of real estate agents breaking the 7-figure mark so don’t limit the size of your dream.

(2) Be Very Interested in Real Estate


Now that you have passed the RES exam, you can put all the legal terms and definitions behind you as we won’t be talking about easement and covenants for a long long time.

This is the time to build up your real estate general knowledge. Consider subscribing to newspapers such as Straits Times and Business Times and pick up local and global news for day-to-day conversation with your clients. SPH offers e-paper subscription plan which allows access up to 4 devices which means you could actually share the account with 3 others for approx. $90 a year or just $0.25 a day.

If you are the type that eyelids will feel heavy when reading news, start with online articles from Business Times, EdgeProp and PropertyGuru for now.

There is a very interesting section in PropertyGuru website call AskGuru. They have a lot of questions from consumers and you can pick up some good knowledge simply from other agents’ replies.

You should also spend time browsing property ads by having basic understanding of how much a flat in Pinnacle Duxton is advertising for? How much does a 3-bedroom opposite your condo cost or even how much your dream home could cost you.

Besides looking at the pricing, psf and images, pay attention to the ad copy and start creating a library of descriptive words you could use when you meet a home owner and they will come in real handy next time you need to run your own ads.

(3) Social Media

Like it or not, social media/online presence is an important part of our business.

If the idea to google your customer comes to your mind, it’s just normal that your client could also try to google you. 

Every now and then, I get business from my Facebook contacts and these are free + warm leads that requires little to no convincing.

I use Facebook as an example because that’s the platform uncles like me spent time on. It could be Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or whatever that works for you.

If you are totally inactive on social media, warm up to it by connecting with your friends and start to like/comment on their post.

The last thing you want to do is to suddenly pop up with a series of property related content. It’s the same thing your long-lost friend show up asking for coffee and you realised he just become a financial planner.


Your first task is to share with me your income goal and social media account(s) before I spam you with more information and things to do.

Hopefully you are even more eager to get started now (and not yawning).

We have a series of trainings lined up for you and most of them do not even require your agent ID tag so stick closely to the team and we shall earn and grow together.