Listing Monday

YES! Another brand new week has started and like how I keep saying – when you do the right things on your weekdays, the weekends activities will fill up naturally.

Aa RES, if you don’t have any appts on weekends where most viewings and closings take place, you will always struggle to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

Listing Monday

First , let’s start the day by looking at your calendar for the rest of the week. If it’s fairly empty, we need to start filling them up with purposeful activities.

Daily Improvement (1 Hour)

I always start my day with coffee and newspaper because as a real estate professional, we cannot afford our clients to be more informed than we are.

Think about something you wished you know more and how that might have altered the outcome of a conversation that took place last week.

It could be a general topic such as cryptocurrency or 

The Power of Yet

So what exactly is ‘The Power of Yet’?

We all possess the capability to hone our skills and make our dreams a reality. Race, religion or economic status have nothing to do with it. It’s our BELIEFS that empower or destroy us.

Having a ‘can-do’ attitude will make you UNSTOPPABLE.

To harness the Power of Yet, all you need to do is identify where you’re using the word ‘don’t’. Simply add the word ‘yet’ at the end and watch the magic unfold.

I don’t know how to get started… yet.

I don’t know how to sell new launch… yet.

I don’t have the knowledge to advise my clients… yet.

I don’t have the confidence to present in front of a camera… yet.

Using ‘yet’ brings hope. It ignites a ‘can-do’ attitude! It creates an encouraging environment. It requires patience and it requires belief in yourself.

If you can’t do it right now…keep working at it. Success is inevitable and right around the corner – if you persevere!