Checklist for Lease of Residential Property for Compliance with The Immigration Act and Women's Charter (FAQ)

These checklists are not meant to be exhaustive and may be updated without further notice.

For the interest of your professional conduct and to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, you are advised to do your own due diligence.

The Women’s Charter (Amendment) Act was passed by Parliament on 4 November 2019, and will come into effect on 7 Aug 2020.

The amendments seek to strengthen the laws against online vice, and to enhance the Police’s levers against vice syndicates to safeguard our neighbourhoods against vice activities.

Both the landlord’s RES and the tenant’s RES must conduct the required diligence checks and complete the Checklist.

RESs who wish to fill in separate Checklists may do so. If one RES fails to conduct the checks, the other RES should remind him to do so. Failure to conduct the checks could lead to CEA taking disciplinary action against the RES.