4P Framework

The 4P Framework is a proven step-by-step process to engage anyone be it buyer, seller, warm and cold leads.

Many may experience difficulty in engaging a lead and very often it’s because we have yet to establish their motivation, fear and what we can offer.

The 4P Framework is designed to work with our Insights deck to identify their concerns and the next steps.

Note: Brand new RES often have the fear of speaking to people (be it someone you know or total stranger) because you are worried that the conversation will go beyond your competency level e.g. detailed calculation, timeline, payment milestone, project recommendation etc.

Fret not, just focus on listening to them and uncover any underlying needs/wants first. Should the conversation progress to technical part of the business, you can ask for another meeting (or zoom) so you can better prepare and to update them the latest market data at the same time.

4P Framework

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieving a goal, not selling a product or service.

Instead of rushing to introduce your service or to recommend a project, take time to understand their current situation with the intention to uncover the underlying problems they are facing.

Some of the common challenges are:

  • Need more space (growing kids, home office)
  • Too much space (housekeeping, helper problem)
  • Not within 1km of a school they want
  • Far from work, school, family
  • Undesirable neighbour (noise, smell, clutter)
  • Not pets friendly
  • Property never make money
  • Not having enough to retire
  • Children unable to afford property in future

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